Traditional Wood Collection Garage Doors

Available in rail-and-stile or flush designs, the Traditional Wood Collection complements many architectural styles, from traditional to modern and adds timeless elegance and dramatic curb appeal to the home. This new collection of traditional wood garage doors offers homeowners a beautiful wood garage door at an affordable price. From the classic rail-and-stile garage door to the sleek flush panel, homeowners will be able to find just the right door to accentuate and complement their home’s unique style.

Flush and Rail & Stile designs

traditional style home with three wooden garage doors


Distinctive appearance and detailing of traditional wood doors

Range of beautiful wood doors in flush, raised panel, and framed panel designs

Constructed from the finest hardwoods available

Heavy-duty hardware provide smooth operation and long-term reliability

Polystyrene insulation available for all flush panel wood doors (R-value of 4.75)

suburban home with two wooden garage doors


Exterior wood/finish – Flush Panel doors
Model 440: Primed smooth hardboard
Models 442/445: Primed rough-sawn hardboard
Model 444: Smooth plywood; primed or natural

Individualize with windows
Windows are available with several glass options and a variety of trim designs

Exterior wood/finish – Rail & Stile doors
Framed Panel Models 450/453: Kiln-dried West Coast Hemlock
Raised Panel Model 454: Hardboard, Mahogany, and Cedar

Flush Panel Wood Garage Doors

Flush panel wood garage doors offer modern simplicity. The smoothness of the flush panel design suits a variety of architectural styles, from traditional to modern. For a contemporary or minimalist look, the flush panel garage doors are an ideal fit.

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