large garage door

Why Are Garages So Big?

When you are pulling into a neighborhood, any neighborhood, in America, chances are you see a variation on a similar theme. A big driveway with a huge garage door along with a relatively small and unnoticeable house attached to it. Over and over again, you probably see this picture.

modern aluminum garage door

Types of Garage Doors

You probably didn’t know there were other types of garage doors. That might be why you’re on this page: to find out. While we personally love our doors, chances are you are thinking about something else most of the time. That’s why it’s so exciting to share the different garage doors there are in the world. It’s a nerdy, cool thing that we’re genuinely excited about.

garage door in water

6 Garage Doors That Leave Us Inspired

We do a lot of garage door installations and garage door repairs here at Hill Country. We also take great pride in all of the great work that we do. Every once in a great while, there are garage doors that make us stop and get inspired by the work we do. These are doors that are especially well-crafted or beautifully colored or just plain bizarre.