rock band in garage

How to Prep Your Garage For a Band

Industrialization gave rise to the automobile. The automobile gave rise to the need for garages. Garages have evolved to house cars, store extra goods, and bring renegade bands to the halls of musical fame. Even famous rock bands like The Who, U2, and Nirvana got their starts as groups of like-minded musicians with empty wallets, pawn shop instruments, an old garage and big dreams.

car outside in rain

Your Car Versus The Elements

We’ve all been there. We’re in a hurry. Alternatively, we think we have too many grocery bags to get out of the car. The garage in our home might be filled with bikes, trikes, kayaks, dressers we started to refinish, strollers, boxes of detergent from the wholesale club that are actually too heavy to carry…well, you know what’s in your garage. However, when it comes to what’s best for your vehicle, there’s no contest at all. It should be in the garage. It is the hands down winning choice. We’ll show you why and what to do about it.